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Gypsy Greens

Wildfire Elixirs - The Lungs Fire Tonic

Wildfire Elixirs - The Lungs Fire Tonic

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INGREDIENTS: (organic*) Raw apple cider vinegar*, onion*, raw Oregon blackberry honey, ginger*, garlic*, horseradish root*, turmeric*, black peppercorns*, lemon juice & rind*, grapefruit juice & rind*, lobelia*, lungwort*, mullein*, licorice root*, echinacea root*, echinacea herb*, sage*, elecampane root*, yarrow*, astragalus*, reishi mushroom*, cinnamon chips*, thyme*, rosemary*, jalapeño pepper*, cayenne pepper*, habañero pepper*, chlorophyll*, LOVE.

✾This potent elixir was made specifically to heal, open, & strengthen the overall respiratory tract & its components. This blend was created when Covid hit, & simultaneously, fires on the west coast began to burn all around us- to protect, fortify, & detox our precious lungs.

✾This powerful daily tonic is high in polyphenols, anti-inflammatory compounds, anti-bacterial herbs, antioxidants, antivirals, & nutrient dense medicinal foods.

✾There are 16 tablespoon servings/8oz bottle. Take 1 tbsp 1-3x per day. Shelf stable for 1 year.

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